The data store interface layer for every client should implement the following interfaces. The details for each of these interfaces are available in the class and should be overridden for each data store interface class.

  • init()
    Initialize any state for the data store.
  • cleanup(boolean warmup)
    Cleanup any state for the data store.
  • insertEntity(String entitySet, String entityPK, HashMap<String,ByteIterator> values, boolean insertImage)
    Insert users and resources.
  • viewProfile( int requesterID, int profileOwnerID, HashMap<> result, boolean insertImage, boolean testMode)
    Get the profile object for a user.
  • listFriends(int requesterID, int profileOwnerID, Set<String> fields, Vector<> result, boolean insertImage, boolean testMode)
    Get the list of friends for a member.
  • viewFriendReq(int profileOwnerID, Vector<> results, boolean insertImage, boolean testMode)
    Get the list of pending friend requests for a member.
  • acceptFriend(int inviterID, int inviteeID)
    Accept a pending friend request.
  • rejectFriend(int inviterID, int inviteeID)
    Reject a pending friend request.
  • inviteFriend(int inviterID, int inviteeID)
    Generate a friend request.
  • viewTopKResources(int requesterID, int profileOwnerID, int k, Vector<> result)
    Get the top k resources posted on a member's wall.
  • getCreatedResources(int creatorID, Vector<> result)
    Get the resources created by a user.
  • viewCommentOnResource(int requesterID, int profileOwnerID, int resourceID, Vector<> result)
    Get the comments for a resource and all the comment's details.
  • postCommentOnResource(int commentCreatorID, int profileOwnerID, int resourceID, HashMap<> values)
    Post/create a comment on a specific resource.
  • delCommentOnResource(int resourceCreatorID, int resourceID,int manipulationID)
    Delete the comment identified by manipulationid and posted on resourceID.
  • thawFriendship(int friendid1, int friendid2)
    Thaw a friendship.
  • getInitialStats()
    Return DB's initial statistics.
  • CreateFriendship(int friendid1, int friendid2)
    Create a confirmed friendship between friendid1 and friendid2.
  • createSchema(Properties props)
    Create the data store schema which will then be populated in the load phase.
  • queryPendingFriendshipIds(int memberID, Vector<Integer> pendingIds)
    Query the inviterid's of pending friendship requests for a member specified by memberID.
  • queryConfirmedFriendshipIds(int memberID, Vector<Integer> confirmedIds)
    Query the friendids of confirmed friendships for a member specified by memberID.