Social Actions

BG emulates members of a social networking site performing simple operations named actions. These are as follows:

  • View Profile, VP: Member A retrieves the profile information of Member B. A member may retrieve self profile.
  • List Friends, LF: Member A lists friends of Member B.
  • View Friend Requests, VFR: Member A views pending friend requests.
  • Invite Friend, IF: Member A invites Member B to be a friend.
  • Accept Friend Request, AFR: Member A accepts Member B's friendship invitation.
  • Reject Friend Request, RFR: Member A rejects Member B's friendship invitation.
  • Thaw Friendship, TF: Member A unfriends Member B.
  • View Top-K Resources, VTR: Member A views top-K, say 5, resources of Member B. A member may retrieve self resources.
  • View Comments on Resource, VCR: Member A retrieves comments on a resource.
  • Post Comments on a Resource, PCR: Member A posts a comment on a resource.
  • Delete Comments on a Resource, DCR: Member A deletes a comment on a resource.

The following table shows the compatibility of these actions with several popular social networking sites:

View Profile (VP)
List Friends (LF)
View Friend Requests (VFR)
Invite Friend (IF) Add to Circle Follow Subscribe
Accept Friend Request (AFR)
Reject Friend Request (RFR)
Thaw Friendship (TF) Remove from Circle Unfollow Unsubscribe
View Top-K Resources (VTR)
View Comments on a Resource (VCR)
Post Comment on a Resource (PCR) Reply to a Tweet Send a Recommendation
Delete Comment on a Resource (DCR) Delete Reply to a Tweet Withdraw Recommendation